Why is win – win completely wrong as a mindset in negotiations

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Why is win – win completely wrong as a mindset in negotiations

 When you pick up the book “How We Decide” it hits us right between the eyes. Win–Win or compromised based thinking is wrong in so many ways.  I’ll discuss just one way today. 

How the brain makes a decision is the very foundation of negotiation and bringing about agreements.  For the last 25 years I have asked audiences how they make their decisions.  And for 25 years I have gotten the same response 99% of the time.


They proclaim they make their decisions in a mixed kind of way and it depends on the situation.  Some situations are more emotional and some situations are more logical.  Now at first blush that would seem to make sense but, it is not correct.

You see the brain cannot, let me say that again, the brain cannot make logical decisions, it is impossible.  The brain makes it decisions emotionally, completely emotional with vision.  You have heard people say, “ I could not see it coming,” “I didn’t do it because I did not see how it could work” and the list goes on and on.

So here is the question of the day.  If decisions are made emotionally and you state to the other party you want a win – win agreement here, how do they see you?  What do they see you prepared to do?  What do they see your mindset to be?

I look forward to your good thoughts. 

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