Filling the Gaps in your Negotiation Skills with Dr Robin Pinkley, Cox School of Business

Professor Robin Pinkley of the Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University in Dallas is a strong believer in the idea that everything is negotiable. She is the founder of the Master to Master Center for Profitable Negotiation, focusing on negotiation research, training, consulting and deal-making. She was also the President of the International Association of Conflict Management.

Dr. Pinkley has been a frequent speaker in management development programs and a negotiation consultant for corporate and government organizations in nine countries. Some of her clients include Accenture, Allstate Insurance, General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, Kodak, Mobil, NASA, Sony Ericsson, Southwest Airlines, Unilever, Warner Brothers, and Yahoo! Dr. Pinkley's is the creator of the Gain-Gain Approach to Profitable Negotiation. Her research focuses on the sources and consequences of negotiator power, the use of strategic anchors for enhancing opponent perceptions of negotiated value, and the strategic application of “value context theory". This research has earned her multiple awards and recognition from highly esteemed institutions. Dr. Pinkley is also the co-author of “Get Paid What You're Worth: The Expert Negotiators Guide to Salary and Compensation”. and author or co-author of articles on negotiation and managerial conflict resolution, which appear in the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology and the International Journal of Conflict Management among others. I had a great conversation with Dr. Pinkley. She actually lets you look at negotiation in a way you may never have seen before and it is highly empowering. Among other things, you will see how we are negotiating all day, every day from the beginning of our life to the end, and how we already have the elements of successful negotiation embedded within us through life experiences. They have just got lost in the clutter, which is why you need a wingman, an expert and a trusted guide who can unveil the master negotiator within you with a dash of information from outside to fill the blank spaces and make you a top negotiator who can create the life he wants.