Submission Guidelines

We encourage and choose ideas that are of likely interest to serious entrepreneurs and senior executives in growing their organization, or for self and team development. Please feel free to submit for review articles, blog posts, press releases, or opportunities relating to video / audio / written interviews.

Here are basic guidelines for submissions:

 Articles: 750 to 1500 words written formally about a concept or a

  • Guest Blog Posts: Informally written 250 to 750 words that talk about an idea that ideally is connected to an experience, or is inspired by a current news
  • Point Of View: Any submission focused on the month’s topic of interest. It can be any length - from a pithy quote to elaborate
  • Newsworthy Press Releases: We'd like them to be divided into the following 4
    1. The Copy,
    2. The Central Idea or Main Write Up,
    3. About the Individual Concerned, and
    4. Access Details to the Pitch (Book) or the pitcher


Send your submissions to