The Illness of Rejection

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The Illness of Rejection

Rejection simply means that you were either ill prepared, ill targeted, or ill timed.

The question is why? Why were you ill prepared or ill targeted, or ill timed?  What was the hurry?  Why could you not wait.? What was compelling you?  Most likely it was not a real reason but a figment of your imagination.  Or may be your are playing a numbers game. Try 20 times and you are likely to succeed at least one time.  That is an okay strategy too but then that is not Rejection unless you fail the 20th and the 21st time too.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  I hope you are not mad !! If not, you must be happy where you are or else you would be looking for help just right about now.  Do you have a coach or coaches?  Tiger Woods and all those in competitive sports do have coaches.  I suppose you are in a competitive sport  !!! As far as I can tell, survival is a competitive game.

So one last time, where is your help ? You do have a doctor.  You do have a mechanic. You do have a handyman. Where is your life coach?