Are You the Exception or The Rule: Follow the Candidates to Find Out

Leslie Ungar

Are You the Exception or The Rule: Follow the Candidates to Find Out

You can live your life by one of two philosophes. You can choose to be the exception to any rule or you can choose to be the rule. There are always exceptions: JFK was the first-and last-Catholic in the White House and Chrissie Evert had a winning unorthodox backhand. But both of these are the exception not the rule. 

The rule about the Internet is that you have to offer substance. There is so much information available at the touch of finger that flashy technology is not enough to win friends or customers. You have to have substance.

Except for the exceptions.

I don’t know about you, but I could have bought a Maserati for what I have spent on my website over the years. So I am especially appalled when I go to Jeb Bush’s website, Scott Walker’s website, Donald Trump’s website, Huckabee’s, Carly Fiorina—the list goes on, and there is no statement of issues on their own site. Basically on their sites you can donate, buy their stuff, and learn about their rags to riches life story. Or in the Donald’s case, his rich to richer story.

BUT WHAT YOU CAN’T DO IS FIND OUT WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT ISSUES FACING YOU, OUR COUNTRY—OR SOLUTIONS, what their foreign policy would look like in regards to ISES, Russia, immigration, spiraling college debt, Alzheimer’s, stem cell, and the list goes on. There is no statement of issues on their own site.

You can find out nothing, NADA, ZERO.

Chris Christie has four issues on his website – WOW, 4. Three total paragraphs on foreign policy.

Rand Paul has 13 lines on the debt and 13 lines on healthcare. Really? I can barely say hello in 13 lines and he can solve the debt and healthcare.

I have an entire website developed to confirm my credibility- WHY?

I’m appalled. Candidates creating their own websites with nothing of substance on them.

BUT they are the right person to lead the free world, just ask them.

Let’s turn our attention to Democratic Party.

Hillary, Bernice and Martin O’Malley fare much better. Even O’Malley has 15 goals to rebuild the American Dream. You can donate on his site, but you can’t buy any of his swag-thank goodness. Bernice Sanders talks in-depth about eight issues and no swag. Hillary has divided all the issues in the universe under the umbrella of The Four Fights. You can buy swag including a Hillary has your Back-backpack.

What bearing will this have on the candidates or the election next Fall? Who knows? Probably not much.

Here is the point regardless of your position or title. You are not landing anywhere in a helicopter, separating conjoined twins, or mismanaging a huge tech company like HP.  By this I mean they live in a rarified atmosphere. Even if they can get away with it, they should not. We have a right to know where they stand and to hold them accountable to a stand.

Most of you are the rule not the exception. Even if it works for them, it won’t work for you. You need to be driven by substance not flash.