What Is the Culture of Your Company Worth?

Grant Cardone, Founder, Whatever It Takes Network

What Is the Culture of Your Company Worth?

How is your company culture affecting your profits and sales? Culture is defined as, “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business).” People used to work from sun up to sun down and had to hunt for their own food. Over the years work ethic has decreased and today people may not work at all in a day while they expect the government to pay for their food.

What kind of culture does your company have? Is it made of average with people putting forth mediocre efforts? Coming in late, doing whatever they want, spending time on their own social media, not following up with customers, making excuses for not hitting targets, giving your profits away and then quitting when the going gets tough?

Or do you have more of the culture where management and leadership demand greatness? A place where people are pushed to the next level and shoot for massive results? Do you have a culture where it is popular—and even encouraged—to show up to work early and stay late? The kind of job—I mean career—where every customer is followed up, every deal is treated like it’s the most important, and the employees refuse to give away company profits.

It is my right—even my obligation as a business owner committed to success—to insist on how I want my business run and how the people that work for me act and operate. I define the culture of my business.

If your company doesn’t have the second culture, it’s because you haven’t applied the principles in my book The 10X Rule—setting huge goals and following up with massive action.

Are your people…

• An embodiment of your company’s mission?

• Doing what they want or what you want them to do?

• Working like their lives depend on it?

• Expecting raises without bringing in more profit?

It is imperative that my staff exudes a willingness to do whatever it takes, has enthusiasm for even the smallest tasks, follows direction without question and operates with a ‘no negativity’ attitude. I push people to greatness—and if they quit I am happy because they won’t bring my company down with their average culture in the future.

To take your company to the next level you cannot depend on hitting a ‘lucky break’ or the economy booming—you must DEMAND that your people operate the way you want them to. Discipline is the single most consistent ingredient of great organizations. The best of the best that I have worked with all share this and commit it to their company’s culture. And your culture must be reinforced daily.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, manager, leader or owner it’s your business and your life—you have the right to insist on how you want things run. If you don’t establish the guidelines to your company’s culture, someone else will. Don’t settle for average—10X your life, the lives of your staff, and the lives of your clients.

Embody greatness, demand greatness, and inspire your team and those around you to greatness.

About the Author

Grant Cardone is the founder of Whatever It Takes Network, a New York Times bestselling author of four business books since the 2008 economic collapse, an international speaker and business innovator. Cardone owns multiple companies including a software and technology business, a consulting company to Fortune 500 companies and Cardone Acquisitions, a national real estate company. He often appears on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC and contributes to Entrepreneur.com, Wells Fargo, American Express OPEN Forum, Business Insider and National Chamber of Commerce. You can follow Cardone on Twitter @grantcardone or visit http://www.grantcardone.com/.