...the secret working of blindspots that hold EVERYONE back or worse drag some down to destruction ...... 
Do you know your worst blindspots??

​Gateway To Growth Or StoneWall On A Plateau:

The KNOW HOW is easy to acquire. When we struggle Inspite of it, we have to ask ourselves, why we can not copy the best practices and succeed like those who do.

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Nick Vaidya
Editor-In-Chief, The CEO Magazine

Blindspots are those insideous agents that eat you from within, without your knowledge, leaving you visibly strong but endanger you fundamentally.

  • ​​
  •  Henry Ford almost bankrupted Ford Motor Company because of a blindspot
  •  Swiss Watch makers lost 55% of the market in 10 years to quartz technology
  •  Steve Jobs killed himself with a blindspot identified too late
  •  AND you have missed opportunities for greatness - You can bet !!!


You do not need to wait until something hits you to realize that you may have a blindspot that is slowly smothering you and depriving you of your
infinite possibilities 

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The ancient wisdom of the Vedanta teaches us about the art of successful and happy work and life. It shows us that your potential is not static. It is dynamic. We need to learn to morph to allow our potential to stretch just as we stretch ourselves. If we do not follow the best practices then we may be engaged in self-destructive actions or not engaging our best selves. The vedanta has been hailed and exalted by people like Einstien, Oppenheimer, Thoreau, Emerson and Gandhi, among many others. The vedanta helps you open your eyes to see things more clearly. The approach of the vedanta for personal transformation is unparalleled. It will help turn some from a path of destruction and others into a path of tremendous growth. It is almost magical. It is a new set of beliefs that change your perspective over time.

Information is pervasive. However, while it is a necessary, it is not sufficient to help you to get to the right place. Your core beliefs and synapses need to change and that requires work. Vadanta helps us develop tools to realize the change.

In short, it will help you align your strategy and execution such that you will see dramatic results. Our methodology takes the vendata and combines it with the latest Psychometrics and Neuroscience research.

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Nick Vaidya

A Divergent Mind That Has Awesome Sauce

Cross Pollination Within One Mind.

At one time Nick was drinking a bottle of Bourbon and smoking a packet of cigrettes everyday and was deported from the USA. But that is no longer true. Not an incredible feat in by itself but colletive with other experiences this makes Nick different.

Awarded the US Permanent Residency under the National Interest Waiver program for his doctoral research in Psychometrics, Nick later on went to manage 50% of Dell's profitability and was a member of the The Chairman's Strategy Team, before becoming a serial entrepreneur. Nick started his career in sales at a large multinational corporation before joining the academia as an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at Texas A & M Univeristy System. 

Nick currently is the Editor-In-Chief of The CEO Magazine and leads a Harley group in Austin, TX. He is also a licensed skydiver as well as a master scuba diver.

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Nick Vaidya , Founder, Publisher, & Managing Editor

A serial entrepreneur, whose previous roles include Razorfish executive and managing a multi-billion dollar product line profitability for Dell, Nick's work is influenced by his doctoral research in empiricism, a wide variety of business roles, and the study of the ancient wisdom of the Vedanta. 

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