4 Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Charisma and Your Team’s Performance

Peter C Diamond

4 Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Charisma and Your Team’s Performance

On the surface you may wonder how your personal charisma is directly linked to your team’s daily performance. Typically, charismatic leaders such as JFK, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jack Welch and Oprah are lauded for motivating and engaging large groups of people on big stages. And by definition that is charisma, a personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. At times you may have the opportunity to engage with sizeable groups of people where you need to dial up the charm.

More often than not, your interactions will be on a smaller scale solving day-to-day business problems. These are the situations where you have the greatest chance to exhibit your charisma and positively impact your team’s performance. How? By employing coaching skills.

One of the workshops I conduct teaches basic coaching skills for business professionals. People are pleasantly surprised to learn there is an unintended benefit of exhibiting basic coaching skills; they make you more charismatic. Or said another way, charismatic people employ simple easy-to-use coaching techniques. Additionally, when put into practice, they make your team feel recognized, supported and valued. Here are 4 coaching and charisma enhancing tips:

Tip #1: You listen more than you speak. And when you do speak ask engaging questions to learn more about the person and what they have to say. Give your team the stage and allow them the opportunity to shine. This makes them feel supported. Your team will view you as being open-minded and inclusive.

Tip #2: You pay attention not only to the spoken but also the unspoken. This includes being observant of tone of voice, body language or tension that may exist in the room. Doing so makes people feel not only heard but also recognized. It further characterizes you as someone who is emotionally aware. Your team will feel a greater connection to you.

Tip #3: You give your team your undivided attention. This means being fully present and no multi-tasking. You make eye contact, you nod and you smile. Charismatic people make others feel important. This shows you are engaged and really care about the people on the team. In turn, your team will be committed to you and the organization’s success

Tip #4: You are the first to pay someone else a compliment or acknowledge his or her achievement. This makes people valued and appreciated. The reward for you is their loyalty.

Charismatic people have the ability to motivate people and earn their loyalty. These four tips are easy to employ and will reap generous rewards.